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USYS Return-to-Activity Guidelines

As our State begins to institute new guidelines for youth sports activities, we are beginning our plans to initiate programming. While we are all anxious to jump on the field and start playing, we need to be cognizant of our State rules and requirements. It is our goal to maintain a spirit of fun and enjoyment while making sure we comply with all State rules in order to better protect the health of our community. Attached are some guidelines provided by US Youth Soccer that will help us plan our return to play initiatives. Things may initially be very different than what we’re all familiar with, but hopefully, each phase will allow for the introduction of more and better programming. We are excited to get started with these initiatives, and we hope this phased approach to play will take us back to playing the game we love sooner versus later.

We hope to see you all safe, healthy, and on the field soon. We Are Youth Soccer!

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