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GotSport outage

Feb 23nd, 2023

10:21AM ET

To the GotSport Community,

In our 25 years of operation, we have never been offline for an extended period, this is unprecedented, but unfortunately, it has happened.

We would like to assure you that throughout this downtime, your data has always remained fully secure, and no unauthorized access has occurred at any point. This was not a cyber security issue or a virus; rather, our upstream server hosts suffered an unexpected server error.

The good news is that all data is still there and completely safe and secure. But it’s been a time-consuming process putting it all back in the right place. Imagine all the pages from an encyclopedia being scattered on the floor – putting them all back in the right order is what we are doing now.

GotSport has assembled the country’s best forensic data recovery experts to help us achieve this in the fastest possible time. They have been working around the clock since last Thursday, and we anticipate we will have everything retrieved by the end of the week. We are also investing considerably to improve both our infrastructure and protocols to ensure this kind of system outage can never happen in future.

We will thoroughly test and prepare the system before making it public and are currently anticipating being fully operable for our users by next week. In the meantime, our staff is working extra hours to make sure our clients get the support they need during this disruption.

Our team would like to thank you for your understanding, patience, and outpouring of support you have shown during this challenging time. We look forward to continuing working together and helping you improve and grow this beautiful sport we love.



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