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SRI Hall of Fame Inductees

Soccer Rhode Island

Hall of Fame Inductees


The following individuals have gone above and beyond in dedicating their lives to building the sport of Youth Soccer throughout Rhode Island. Soccer Rhode Island appreciates all their dedication, hard work and sacrifices these individuals made in order to help grow the sport of soccer in Rhode Island.


2016 Inductees

Cliff Snow
Jack Groh
James Buxton
Marshall Bruce Mann
Mary-Kate Mulligan
Rob Stone
Sylvester C. Serra Jr.

2015 Inductees

John Mark Andrade
Mike Grandchamp
Ed Irzyk
Bob Gulla
Dave DeMello
Erika Danner

2014 Inductees

Al Behbehani
Andy Curtis
Anthony Spagnuolo
Javier Centeno
Joe DaSilva
John Montanaro

2013 Inductees

Alex Loussarevian
Ted Borges
Raymond  Letourneau
Mike Bullock
Doyle Byrd
Chris Lewin

2012 Inductees

Jack Breetveld
Denis Chartier
Mike Ashworth
Kevin Fraser

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