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Risk Management


Background Checks:

Every two years adults who interact with the youth members of Soccer Rhode Island must undergo a National Background check.   Soccer Rhode Island uses First Advantage to process our National Background checks.

How to Complete a background check using GotSoccer

How to Link a background check to additional coach or manager accounts


Soccer-RI's Risk Management Policy


News articles

November 24, 2015 - Goal Safety



Concussion Information:


CDC Heads Up Concussion in Youth Sports Course:  
Every two years every Coach, Assistant Coach, Trainer and Team Manager who is listed on a premier or travel team roster must complete the CDC Heads Up Concussion Course.  It is highly recommended that all recreational and developmental coaches also complete the CDC Heads Up Concussion Course.  


How to complete the CDC Heads Up Concussion Course

Coach's Concussion Fact Sheet



The links below provide important information for parents regarding concussions.  

Concussion Information for Parents

Parent's Concussion Fact Sheet



The link below provides important information for players regarding concussions.

Athletes Concussion Fact Sheet




Goal Safety:

Before each and every practice, scrimmage or game an adult from each team at the field must check both goals to be sure that the GOALs are securely anchored.

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