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New England Jamoree


Welcome to the inaugural year of the New England Soccer Jamboree! The Soccer Jamboree format is designed to allow your team to play competitive games while focusing on developing your teams play. Our goal is for each team to be able to compete against teams from other states, eliminate league restrictions that keep teams from playing and establish a festival format that creates excitement around the games.

The play date format will be to have matches on three separate Saturday play dates.  On each of the three Saturdays, your team will play in double header games against different opponents. We are planning on playing one in April, May and June (dates and locations are pending).

This format is an opportunity for your team to participate in a format where the primary interest is in you and your team! We want your team to have the opportunity to play against teams from other states to allow you to focus on developing your team.


For more information on the New England Soccer Jamboree click here

Steve Votolato
Soccer Rhode Island President
Ray White
Soccer Main President
Candia Campbell
New Hampshire
Executive Vice President
Meg Munson
Vermont Soccer
Executive Director



Forms & Policies:

NESJ - Application 2012

NESJ - Rules of Play

NESJ - Referee Game Report



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