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A Worthy Goal


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Soccer Rhode Island Selects Fanyards For Fundraising Effort 

–– Fanyard’s Unique New Business Model Stirs Excitement Around "Touch-Free" Process –– 

CUMBERLAND, RI, May 1, 2012 – Soccer Rhode Island and Fanyards.com today announced a partnership to generate revenue for Rhode Island’s 43 youth soccer clubs statewide.  Fanyards.com produces a line of fun, high quality lanyards, bracelets and necklaces that are customized with team or organizational logos. Fanyards.com has turned traditional fundraising on its head by offering a business model that pays higher than typical commissions to the fundraising organization (Soccer RI in this case), requires no investment up front from either the organization or the kids, provides a desirable high quality product, and offers high-end incentive awards such as iPads and iPods. Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of the program, according to Soccer Rhode Island’s Director of Public Relations, Steve Marmas, is that it’s a "touch free" process, meaning the kids do not have to sell door to door or act like pushy sales people.
"Fanyards’ entire business model is geared around harnessing the power of the Internet to make the program better, while reducing costs.  Those cost savings are passed onto the organization in the form of better prizes and higher commissions," said Richard Paolo, President of Fanyards.com.  And because the sales are all online, kids can merely email details to friends and family and/or post the details online, without having to become mini sales people. The program begins May 15th, and will be Soccer Rhode Island’s primary fundraiser for this season.
About Fanyards.com: Fanyards.com is an Internet-based fundraising program for non-profit organizations such as children’s sports programs, local community and church organizations. Fanyards.com offers a product line of high quality, durable lanyards, necklaces and bracelets that parents and children alike find fun and trendy.  Members of the organization send out emails that have links to the Fanyard.com online store.  Those links are specially encoded and tracked to identify which member gets credit for the sale. The majority of the proceeds are shared with the sponsoring organization, and members earn prizes based upon their sales volume.  For more information, contact Richard Paolo at rpaolo@fanyards.com (855) FANYARD 
About Soccer Rhode Island: Soccer Rhode Island (SRI) is an association of 43 youth soccer clubs statewide. SRI is the National State Representative for the United States Soccer Federation in Rhode Island.  As a member of United States Youth Soccer, SRI is part of the largest youth soccer organization in the country, with over 2.5 million youth players nationally.  SRI provides access for its members to all things soccer from Town recreational play to State, Regional and National Championship competitions.  For more information, contact Steve Marmas, Director of Public Relations, at PublicRelations@soccer-ri.com (401) 244-5951



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