Focused on promoting soccer and developing players of varied skills at the youth level, while providing administrative support to the leagues, clubs and teams in Rhode Island.

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  Fustal ID - Winter Training  Soccer/Futsal 

The futsal clinic does have limited space, only 20 players for court on each class.

The training sessions will provide Under-8 to Under-18 competitive players (boys & girls) a structured and dynamic coaching environment while learning the most important soccer techniques in game related activities. By using the Futsal setting, players will develop creativity, ball control and many other skills. 

Players will learn to think and to react quickly, helping them play the "bigger" game in the outdoor environment. Futsal continues the development of the same soccer skills required for outdoor play with a small team size. Court boundaries demand more controlled touches on the ball by each player. Fustal improves communication amongst players and encourages creative and quick full-of-action plays. Futsal insists upon accurate passes, managing more 1v1, 2v1, and 2v2 situations and requires players to make decisions in a matter of seconds. The reduced-bounce ball is in constant motion and transition requiring teams to work as a unit to attack or defend.  

So why play futsal?  Not only are games fun, but Futsal is the best form of soccer in the off-season.  Futsal keeps players sharp during the winter months and provides them with a smooth transition back to outdoor soccer. 

The 6-week compact coaching curriculum focuses on specialized topics of the game. All sessions are under the direction of the Director of Coaching,Futsal. Players will be placed in developmentally appropriate slots by age and level of play. Separate training and teams are offered for players wanting to travel and compete in outside Futsal competitions.


Futsal is a quick style of soccer popular in Brazil and in Europe. The essence of the Brazilian style is the efficiency with split-second improvisation, creativity and technique. Played on a small, indoor field with a smaller, heavier ball, our program emphasizes ball control and precise passing.
Location: Sherwood Ultra Sports:

Date:11/14, 11/21,11/28,12/5,12/12/,12/19 ( Tuesdays)

Time & Ages Boys and Girls:

U-9,U-10,U-11,U-12                6:00pm to 7:00pm

U-13,U-14,U-15                      7:00pm to 8:00pm
High School                            8:00pm to 9:00pm
(Times might change depending on size of classes)

Cost: $120.00  6 week program/Will need to bring your own Futsal Ball.

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Rhode Island Rush School of Excellence
The six week School of Excellence is offered specifically to the RI Rush Developmental players. The technical program is designed and modeled after the elite programs of European professional clubs which have existed in many of the top programs in Europe for the past 30 years. As a direct result of the consistent training received through these schools, players like David Beckham, Lionel Messi, Fernando Torres and Cristiano Ronaldo, who began their careers as soccer-crazed eight-year-olds are now regarded as the world’s elite players.


The Junior Rush (formerly Micro) Soccer Program is the Rhody Rush Soccer Club’s program for children who are Pre-Kindergarten age and Kindergarten  (U4-U7). It is an introductory soccer program for young children to learn the FUNdamentals of the game. The Junior Rush Soccer program is the building block for future participation in the Rhody Rush Soccer Club's more structured recreational and/or competitive program/teams.

For any questions contact Sean Sants or to register visit