Focused on promoting soccer and developing players of varied skills at the youth level, while providing administrative support to the leagues, clubs and teams in Rhode Island.

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Administrators & Registrars

NEW -- Spring 2018 Premier & Competitive Team Submissions

Deadlines for Spring 2018:
  • Deadline to have teams ready for the State review is  Friday, February 23, 2018.
  • Deadline to submit corrections and revisions to be processed for opening weekend is Wednesday, March 28, 2018.
  • Teams, corrections and revisions submitted after 5:00 pm on Wednesday, March 28th, will be processed on or before Friday, April 13, 2018.
Generate Rosters Problem (email dated 8-5-2016)
Game Documents for Administrators, Registrars, Coaches and Managers:
Virtual Passes are accessed from the GotSoccer App, not from the database.
If coaches want access to their passes without online access they need to screenshot each pass and save the passes in the photos on their phones.

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US Soccer Federation -- Birth Year Mandates

      - How to setup programs in GotSoccer for the new Age Group Mandates

       - Age Group Matrix effective 9/1/2016 (11/4/2015)


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How to Adjust League rosters for the Soccer-RI Cup

How to import players AFTER a Player Transfer is Soccer-RI approved.


Pass issues

Blocks of color instead of pictures on the printed passes

Adjusting pictures 

Printed passes are not lined up on the pass stock

How to add or update a coach or team manager photo in GotSoccer

GotSoccer Risk Management Upgrade


Recreational Player/coach/manager/board member registration

How to register Recreational players with Soccer-RI

How to register Recreational coaches/managers and all board members with Soccer-RI


Background Checks, Concussion Certificates for all adult volunteers

How to link a background check to multiple accounts


How to link a CDC Certificate to multiple accounts

An overview of GotSoccer for Registrars and Administrators


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How to Create and Revise Tournament Teams

How to View and Print Rosters from a Team Account.

How to View and Print rosters and passes from your club database

How to add Secondary Players to a roster

How to upload documents to player accounts (for Clubs)

How to upload photos and documents to player accounts (parents)


GotSoccer Links
GotSoccer Login page -


GotSoccer Contacts for Soccer Rhode Island:

GotSoccer Office: 904-746-4446

  • Billy Powell
    • Email: 
    • Mobile: 678-378-6124
    • Office:   904-495-0585